quinta-feira, 13 de setembro de 2007

Meu Robô (até parece...)

Esse eu queria.

"Ivan Bowman spends his days as a programmer at iAnywhere Solutions in Waterloo, Ontario, in much the same way his colleagues do. He writes code, exchanges notes in other developers' offices, attends meetings and hangs out in the kitchen over coffee. About the only thing he can't do is drink the coffee - or touch anything, for that matter. It's not that Bowman doesn't have hands or a mouth; they're just in Halifax, Nova Scotia, along with the rest of his body, about 840 miles (1,350km) away. In fact, it's not really Bowman in the Waterloo office at all. It's IvanAnywhere, a robot Bowman uses to interact with his colleagues in Waterloo from his home office." (Confira o resto, no The Guardian on-line)
Robô como representação física da minha telepresença.
Robô como concretização da minha experiência virtual.

E a SINGULARIDADE cada vez mais próxima...
...Mas, q ia quebrar um galhão com o monte de frilas para fazer... Ah! Se ia....

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